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Program-Based Goal Definition Worksheet

Each faculty member in the department should complete a copy of this worksheet. Arrange a time for all of you to sit down together to compare notes and discuss results. The final product of this exercise should be a list of three to five broad goals that describe what department faculty believe should be characteristic of graduates in the major.

  1. List any department goals that you know. This information can most likely be found in the course catalog, program brochure, or department mission statement
  2. Describe your ideal student in terms of strengths, skills, knowledge and values, and identify which of these characteristics are the result of the program experience.
  3. Keeping this ideal student in mind, ask what the student
    • knows
    • can do
    • cares about
  4. What program experiences can you identify as making the most contribution to producing and supporting the ideal student?
  5. What should every graduate of your program know?
  6. What career achievements of your alumni are you most proud of?

adapted from the Ball State University, Assessment Workbook (1999)

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