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HFA NYPOP – overview | classes | events | location

Architecture Grad Design IV students met with Anthony R. Fieldman, President and CEO of RAFT Architects, an international award-winning architecture firm based in New York.

Spring 2016 NYPOP Classes

Art 491/691 - NY POP - Young Min Moon
The course combines field trips with lecture and seminar. In addition to introduction to important themes and issues in modern and contemporary art, the course will involve four overnight trips to NYC to meet with artists, curators, and arts administrators, and view select exhibitions. Students will engage with preparatory readings/writings and post-visit reflections and discussions. Overall, the course aims to serve as a platform for developing well rounded understanding of contemporary art and exploring multiple positionalities in the field of art today.

Architecture 501 - Graduate Design Studio II - Ray Mann
This studio builds on the fundamental design skills established in the G1 studio. Moving from adeptly using form as a language to delineate and express spatial ideas and philosophical concepts, you will turn to examining very real material and programmatic circumstances in this next stage of training. You will also read texts and explore ideas associated with architecture in a broad social and cultural context, in consideration of a rapidly changing field as technology evolves and global concerns accelerate. What is the role of design in contributing positively to all this complexity? Can it work to bridge or heal the rifts and seeming contradictions in our world? Can we turn losses into gains, negative into positive? Waste into resource? This beginning graduate design studio is visiting showrooms, architecture foundations, architecture firms. The group is also meeting with various UMass alumni/ae who practice in New York.

Architecture 601 - Graduate Design IV - Ajla Aksamija
This graduate architecture studio—comprehensive design-- is engaged in an international competition to design a mid-rise, wood-constructed, mixed-use complex with affordable housing units, a NYC outpost of the The Andy Warhol Museum and a new and expanded home for the historic Essex Street Market. The project site is in Manhattan’s lower east side in the former Seward Park Urban Redevelopment Area. While in New York, the students are visiting the site, meeting with New York architects, and are engaging in research that is relevant to the competition.

Art History 782 - Museum Studies - Walter Denny
Introduction to museum methods and practices. Issues such as the role of museums in society, the development of col-lections, conservation, curatorial and registrarial responsibilities, museum management, public relations, funding, ethics, and the production of exhibitions and catalogs. Includes field trips to area museums. Consent of instructor required.

Art History 383/673 - Great Themes in Art: Issues in Contemporary Art - Karen Kurczynski
This course will address the increasingly broad and complex range of materials, meaning, and social functions of contemporary art from a western perspective, but in the context of multiple global art worlds. How do we make sense of this seemingly chaotic landscape where sometimes directly conflicting interpretations of art making coexist? This course introduces students to a series of major issues in contemporary art and criticism. It will provide a historical and critical perspective on major social/aesthetic problems such as conceptualism, new media, earth art, postmodernism, neo-expressionism, institutional critique, identity politics, political interventions, installation art, globalization, relational aesthetics, and the role of consumerism and the art market. It will emphasize how our understanding of art since the 1960s is continually being reframed by critical debate.