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THE EXHIBITION PROGRAM – overview | how it works | exhibitions

"I'm Over Here Now" was curated by Eric Gleason and was exhibited at The Richmond Center for Visual Arts at Western Michigan University in 2011

In addition to the New York sessions we are expanding to include students that could not attend by bringing the latest emerging art back to your campus.  We will be inaugurating our new exhibition option in January 2014. The Richmond Center for Visual Arts at Western Michigan University will host the first exhibition, curated by Lauren Rosati.  After Western Michigan, we will travel the exhibition to several other participating campuses.  In the coming years, we will be inviting new curators to organize new exhibitions for travel.

Our goal is to provide students with useful insights into what they could anticipate were they to move to New York over the next few years. To further that, the exhibition series will feature emerging curators and artists. By introducing students to young curators and artists already at work in the city, we intend to stress networking with peers as a crucial element of building a career. 

Join us, and give your students a chance to fulfill their career dreams.  Bring them inside the New York scene and bring New York art back to your campus.  By combining a New York session with an exhibition on your campus, you could introduce NYPOP as an ongoing part of your curriculum. In these difficult economic times, being able to advertise a connection to the highest levels of the profession could help soothe troubled minds.