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New York Professional Outreach Program

Fall 2014 NYPOP students in Bushwick, Broolyn


Jerry Kearns founded the New York Professional Outreach Program (NYPOP) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, in 1990. Each semester, two groups of UMass art students make four trips each down to New York for an intensive weekend in the New York art scene. For over twenty years, NYPOP has been making connections that lead to careers in the visual arts.  In that time, more than 1,200 UMass students have traveled nearly 100,000 miles to study the profession in New York. We have visited with over 300 art professionals who share their firsthand experience and insight into building an art career.

The NYPOP Partner Program, founded in 2010, brings university students from across the nation to the work places of contemporary professionals in New York City.  The experience encourages students to believe in the possibility of a career in the arts.  On-site sessions examine contemporary aesthetics in concert with an inside perspective on the current professional scene.  We offer answers to the many practical questions that stem from a student’s desire to become an artist, curator, art writer, and museum or gallery worker.

The NYPOP Exhibition Program, founded in 2013, brings the excitement of New York contemporary art back to college campuses. Furthering our overarching goal of providing students with insights into what they could anticipate were they to move to a major art center over the next few years, the exhibition series features emerging curators and artists. By introducing students to young curators and artists already at work in the city, we stress networking with peers as a crucial element of building a career. The NYPOP exhibitions bring the New York scene full circle by hosting curators and artists at participating institutions, for exhibitions, lectures, workshops and studio visits.  By combining visits to the New York experience, with campus exhibitions from the current scene, participating universities will bring career dreams to reality for their students.