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College of Nursing Scholarships: Frequently Asked Questions

Are scholarships different from loans?

Yes! Apply away!

I have a J1 visa. Can I apply for scholarships?


I’m thinking of applying to UMass Nursing. Can I apply for scholarships?

Thank you for considering UMass Amherst for your nursing education! We are greatly appreciative. Scholarships are only available for current students.

Where do I apply for scholarships?

The URL you gave me isn’t working!

Make sure you don’t type in www; just enter into your browser.

When does the scholarship application cycle open?

In September. In 2019, applications are open from September 23 – October 20. ALL Students receive email with particulars closer to the date. Please email Ben at with any questions.

How many scholarships can I apply for?

This varies based on your nursing track. You just need to complete the General Application, College of Nursing Application, and if applicable, answer the Dr. Sheridan, Dr. Hayes, and Elizabeth Woolrich scholarship questions (these require certain criteria to apply for), and you'll be applied for all possible scholarships. You'll receive an email detailing this information. Here is a link to external scholarships:

Which scholarships are available to apply for?

Scholarships are available for Undergraduate and Graduate students, including Accelerated Nursing students. When you log into AcademicWorks, complete the General Application and the College of Nursing Application. You’ll be automatically matched into all of the scholarships that you are eligible for. Note the Dr. Sheridan, Dr. Hayes, and Elizabeth Woolrich scholarships require an extra question to be answered for your application to be complete for those scholarships.

I'm a senior. Can I apply?

Funds are distributed to student accounts in Fall 2020 for the 2019-2020 school year, so if you'll still be enrolled in Fall 2020, you can apply. If you graduate before then, check out for other opportunities.

How do I know if I have completed my scholarship applications?

Look at the dashboard on AcademicWorks. It will tell you if your applications are complete.

When can I see when I’ve matched with a scholarship opportunity?

You will receive notification only if you are awarded a scholarship. If we need more information, we will email you at your UMass email account.

Which transcripts should I include?

UMass transcripts. If you are in the first year of the UMass nursing program, upload the most current transcript from the high school/institution you came from.

I submitted the general application and the College of Nursing application in AcademicWorks. Now what?

Make sure you’ve answered all of the questions for the Sheridan, Hayes, and Woolrich scholarships if you are eligible for those scholarships. If you’ve done that, Congratulations! You are all done for now! If you are awarded a scholarship or we need more information, we will be in touch.

I’ve received a scholarship! What do I need to do?

Congratulations! You need to: • Log into • Accept the award • Upload a high quality professional picture • Upload a personal biography (first or third person is fine) • Upload a thank you note (Should be 2-3 paragraphs. Please explain why you are grateful for being awarded a scholarship and what this will enable you to do in your studies and/or career.

Great! I did all of that. Why does it say $0 for my award?

You’ll find out at the Scholarship Luncheon the dollar amount of your award. Earning a scholarship is contingent upon attending the luncheon, unless you have extenuating circumstances (i.e. religious observance, long-distance travel, family emergency, etc.). If you can’t make it to the luncheon, the College of Nursing will communicate with you after the award ceremony to share the scholarship details with you.

Who decides the scholarship awardees?

The Scholarship Committee, comprised of administration and faculty from our undergraduate, graduate, and second bachelor's programs.

I want to look at other scholarship application opportunities for UMass students. Where can I go?

Check out this page from UMass Amherst Financial Aid:

Is my information saved every year in the system?

Don’t count on it. Some information might be saved, but the AcademicWorks system does a clean sweep of all of the applications after the process is done. PLEASE save all of your work on a personal drive.

How will I know when the scholarship money is in my UMass account?

You will receive an email to your UMass account in September (a year after you applied) notifying you that the funds have reached your account. The funds will be applied to your bursar’s bill.

You didn’t answer my question! Is there some sort of chat bot from the future I can speak to?

We’ll do you one better! You can talk to a real person!!! Please email Ben Monat at with any questions.