The University of Massachusetts Amherst

SBIRT Lessons Learned

By listening and responding to the various perspectives; students, faculty, and community partners, they have become our greatest champions because they see the need in the practice setting.

By inviting our stakeholders to have a voice in the project, we have created a process and a momentum for long-term sustainability.


We learned student nurses:


• Want SBIRT integrated into the curriculum earlier because they see the need for these skills

• Use SBIRT skills in clinical and appreciate role-playing with clinical faculty

• Use SBIRT to help their peers and family members

• Apply the skills with seasoned health care professionals to help them reflect on their own personal biases and negative attitudes towards people who misuse substances

• Develop trusting relationships with college age and high school students in some cases more easily than their preceptors


We learned clinical faculty and preceptors:


• Are eager to work with students to facilitate student nurse learning of SBIRT and MI.

• Are the experts in knowing how to reinforce prior knowledge of SBIRT learned in training

• Support and coach student nurses within the safety of a supervised clinical structure increasing their confidence and skills


SBIRT Motivational Interviewing