The University of Massachusetts Amherst

SBIRT Approach to Training

Each year, national expert, Dr. Paul Grossberg builds local capacity by training student nurses, clinical faculty, and community partners in SBIRT. Dr. Grossberg's training uses culturally-relevant, age-appropriate, experiential techniques to create an interactive engaging learning environment. Our local SBIRT expert, Diane Fedorchak, uses a similar training approach and together they teach 150 student nurses yearly.

Student nurses also learn SBIRT through simulation using Kognito and a locally developed online curriculum. In addition to these face-to-face and online training modalities, as suggested by our Student Advisory Group (SAG) we start training with our new freshman where they learn about SBIRT during RAP sessions as part of orientation to campus and residential life.

SBIRT expert Dr. Paul Grossberg conducts training


"I love this training. Students feel very empowered." - Cheryl Sabola, clinical faculty

"We learned how to ask open-ended questions to guide a conversation without controlling it. We learned how to create a non-judgmental space with the intent of hearing their story and not forcing change. We learned how to commend people for finding a way to cope because this means they care about themselves." - Avery Klepaki, former UMass Amherst student nurse