The University of Massachusetts Amherst

College of Nursing Funded Projects

Faculty at the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Nursing specialize in a wide range of research topics and are proud to be conducting industry-advancing research. Much of that research is made possible through grants from government agencies, cooperations, and non-profit organizations. Learn more about some of those research projects below. 

Resource Curation and Evaluation for EHR Note Comprehension

Date Funded: Sep 26, 2018
Funding Organization: National Institutes of Health/University of Massachuetts Lowell

Dr Pamela Aselton, PhD, MPH, FNP-BC is the Prinicipal Investigator for a subaward on this three-year NIH R01 grant led by Dr Hong Yu of the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The American Diabetes Association estimates that over 25.8 million Americans have diabetes.

Neonatal Opiate Exposure and Maternal Opioid Use in Rural Communities in Massachusetts

Date Funded: Sep 3, 2018
Funding Organization: Center for Research on Families, UMass Amherst

Dr Mary Paterno has been selected as a 2018-19 Family Research Scholar by the Center for Research on Families at UMass Amherst.

Investigation of Bioactive Components of Human Milk to Protect and Promote Breastfeeding and Infant Health

Date Funded: Sep 3, 2018
Funding Organization: Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR), UMass Amherst

Dr Carrie-Ellen Brierie has been selected as a 2018-19 ISSR Fellow. Her research will focus on bioactive components of human milk.

Addressing Mental Health Disparities through Community Empowerment among Bhutanese Refugees

Date Funded: Jul 1, 2018
Funding Organization: Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts

Dr Kalpana Poudel-Tandukar has received a one-year Mission Grant from the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts to develop a mental health intervention using a community-engagement approach for Bhutanese refugees resettled in Massachusetts.

Promoting food security among low-income persons living in Franklin County

Date Funded: Jul 1, 2018
Funding Organization: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Cheryl L. Dukes, director of healthcare outreach and community engagement in the College of Nursing, will serve as a consultant on this project to promote food security among low-income persons living in Franklin County by better understanding and addressing needs around nutrition and health.