The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Substance Abuse Intervention for Pregnant Rural Women through Digital Storytelling

Date Funded: 
Dec 7, 2016
Funding Organization: 
Office of Research Development, UMass Amherst

The Office of Research Development has awarded Dr. Mary Paterno of the College of Nursing a Faculty Research Grant to fund a study looking at the feasibility of a nurse-led digital storytelling workshop intervention for rural pregnant women with substance use disorder.


This award, $13,836 for the year, is part of an internal grant program that supports new or early-stage research that will lead to the ability to attract external funding as well as to produce journal publications or scholarly books that will enhance the researcher’s reputation and research profile.


Dr. Paterno is a certified nurse-midwife who is interested in innovative community and clinical solutions to improve perinatal, postpartum, and contraceptive care for vulnerable women.