The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Parash Pijar, DNP '24, Shares COVID-19 Story

May 27, 2020


DNP Student Parash Pijar, RN Case Manager, shared these reflections about nursing in the time of COVID-19:

"As I sit here in my apartment without the glaring sounds of call bells and telephone calls, appreciating this moment of quiet, I realize how drastically things have changed around me. Not only for me, but for people I used to come across in a daily basis. I went from having to wait multiple minutes in order to have an opportunity to leave my apartment complex parking lot to just being able to go in a matter of moments. The hallway where my office is located at the hospital went from lively with chatter to quiet and abandoned. And the individuals who once expressed their personalities through their vibrant clothing and beautiful smiles are now confined in masks and anxiety. The current pandemic crisis has certainly lifted the blinders that bound me to my routine and has made me miss the presence of normality."