The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Nursing Stories from the COVID-19 Front Line: Jordi Goss-Packard ABSN '18

May 21, 2020

Jordan "Jordi" Goss-Packard, Accelerated BS in Nursing '18, shared his experience and reflections about his work with COVID-19 patients:

"I recently floated for first time ever and it was to take care of COVID patients. Because these people have to be in negative pressure rooms, the door has to stay closed at all times. These patients receive very little contact with people, sometimes as little as 4 times a day for only a couple minutes. We are instructed to go in as little as possible because we have such limited personal protective equipment (PPE). The nurse is the only caregiver for the patient, so that means we do our job, all patient ADLs, draw labs, clean the room, and take out the trash.

I literally went home and cried after because of how miserable these people are. It feels like animals locked in cages. If the disease isn't making them feel miserable, then it is definitely the environment these people have to be in. Part of healing is having human to human contact which we can barely provide, because we have to keep limited contact to protect ourselves.”