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Faculty Research

How to interrupt the affect Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) have on health risk behaviors, hard-to-treat symptoms and chronic disease conditions
Pictograph-based health care communication, web-based education, decision support systems, discharge instructions for older adults with low literacy skills
Training nurse educators, staff nurses and students in technology, and developing clinical simulations regarding patient safety issues in both academic and hospital settings
Cardiology and Secondary Prevention—Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) and activity planning for safe and doable exercising
Substance use and nursing education
The history of higher education of women in the United States, baccalaureate curricular development related to women’s health and the health of midlife advanced practice nurses
Nurses’ role in medical error recovery, nurse-physician collaboration/teamwork, transfusion medicine
Adult health, clinical competence, fitness for entry level nursing practice, new graduate role transition, patient safety, and simulation
Promoting dignity, function, self-management of chronic health problems, and independence in older adults
Childhood adversity, stress, and women’s health
Self-nurturing, women’s health
Delirium in older adults, geriatric care
Human Patient Simulation, healthcare systems and patient safety
Nurses' perception of the cultural sensitivity of their practice environments
Decreasing the disparity between available screening and treatment for HIV and HCV, and access by high risk persons who are homeless, incarcerated and actively recovering
Ongoing work continues in measuring biomarkers for stress response in offenders before and after participating in labyrinth walking, and measuring differences in outdoor and indoor labyrinth walking