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Kimberly Dion

University of Massachusetts Amherst
School of Nursing

303 Skinner Hall
651 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003
Tel. 413 545-1314

BIO: Kimberly Dion has been a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Nursing since 2006. She has a broad background in nursing and continues to work as a home care nurse. Her nursing experience include: critical care, home care, maternal newborn, long-term care, and camp nursing. She is an experienced educator, a certified nurse educator, has been an NCLEX test writer, and a presenter for a biannual nurse educator workshop held at the university.  Her research interests include substance use and misuse, as well as nursing education. She has performed qualitative research using case study as the methodology, and is currently in a PhD program. Her outside professional interests include traveling with her family, hiking, and gardening.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Substance use and nursing education.



Dion, K.A. (2013) Injection Drug Users Perceptions of Nursing Care Received: A Synthesis, Poster Presentation at Eastern Nursing Research Society April 2013.

Dion, K.A. (2012) “That’s what I mean by a hundred little, a thousand little deaths...”: A Case

Study of the Grief Experienced by a Mother of a Substance Abusing Child. MEDSURG Nursing, accepted for publication December 2014

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Tutoring Nursing Students at Risk in the Clinical Setting.” Abstract for poster presentation. Under Review

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