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Karen Kalmakis

University of Massachusetts Amherst
School of Nursing
Skinner Hall
651 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003
Tel. 413 577-4763

BIO: As a tenure track assistant professor of nursing and a Center for Research on Families Scholar, Dr. Karen Kalmakis is currently investigating the persistent neurobiological stress response to childhood adversity among young adults. She continues to focus her research on the impact of childhood adversity on adult health.  Dr Kalmakis completed a phenomenology to investigate victim’s experiences of sexual assault while intoxicated. This was followed by a study to examine the feasibility of a web-based educational program for victims of sexual assault.  Currently, she is investigating the effect of a Web-based educational experience on victim’s intentions to follow recommended care after a sexual assault.

Dr Kalmakis is a certified family nurse practitioner with special interests in public and women’s health. She teaches in the both the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs and particularly enjoys opportunities to work with students individually on projects and research in the areas of stress, childhood adversity, and victimization. 

She serves as the Sigma Theta Tau advisor as well as member of the University’s Research Library Council, and member of the Northwestern District Attorney Community Sexual Assault Response Team.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Childhood adversity, stress, and women’s health.


Peer Reviewed

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Book Chapters

Kalmakis, K. (2009). The Sexual Assault Victim. In H. Carcio & M. Secor (Eds.), Advanced Health Assessment of Women (pp. 319-323). New York: Springer Publishing Co.


Web-based education to improve follow-up care for victims of sexual assault. PI. Funded; $1000. Sigma Theta Tau, Beta Zeta Chapter (Awarded August, 2012).

The Chronic Stress Response to Adverse Childhood Experiences. PI. Faculty Research Grant (FRG). Funded $8096.24 (Awarded May, 2012).