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Donna M. Zucker


Associate Professor                                                                                     

BIO: Donna Zucker is an Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst. During her tenure, she has focused her research on symptom identification and management of adverseevents in person with hepatitis C particularly those in treatment. At UMASS AMHERST she has developed an expertise in two areas: communicable disease prevention and behavioral modification for persons with substance abuse. The populations she works with are the homeless, incarcerated and those at high risk for acquiring hepatitis, HIV and return to substance abuse. As part of this work, she participates in the following professional clinical organizations: the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, the International Nurses Society on Addiction, The Labyrinth Connection of Western MA, and MA Viral Hepatitis Coalition.  


RESEARCH: Current research is focused on decreasing the disparity between available screening and treatment for HIV and HCV, and access by high risk persons who are homeless, incarcerated and actively recovering. She and her collaborators hope to provide an innovative, cost effective, multi test point of care screening device to reduce barriers to access to treatment and wellness. Ongoing work continues in measuring biomarkers for stress response in offenders before and after participating in labyrinth walking, and measuring differences in outdoor and indoor labyrinth walking.



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