Undergraduate Program

Nursing Major Plan of Study

UMass Amherst students must complete at least 120 credits to graduate.

Lower Division Course Requirements

During the Freshman and Sophomore years, students complete 63-64 credits to:

  • Fulfill the university’s General Education requirements  (27-28 credits; click here for more information)
  • Complete the first of a 2-part College Writing requirement (2nd part to be completed in Junior Year)
  • Complete Nursing prerequisites:

Chem 110

General Chemistry

KIN 270

Anatomy & Physiology I with lab

KIN 272 

Anatomy & Physiology II with lab

Micro 255

Intro to Medical Microbiology

Nurse 100

Perspectives in Nursing

Nurse 150

Seminar for First-Year Nursing Students

Nurse 210

Human Development throughout Life Cycle

Nurse 312

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness

Nurse 390S

Pathophysiology/Pharmacology I

Nutrition 130 or 230

Human Nutrition

Psych 100

Introductory Psychology

Nurse 380

Abnormal Psychology


Upper Division Course Requirements

During the Junior and Senior years, Nursing students complete 57 credits of Nursing courses, gain clinical experience, and complete the second part of the College Writing requirement.

Nurse 315

Health and Physical Assessment

Nurse 316

Principles of Nursing Care

Nurse 390T

Pathophysiology/Pharmacology II

Nurse 317

Writing in Nursing Ethics

Nurse 398E

Principles of Nursing Care: Practicum

Nurse 325

Maternal-Newborn Nursing

Nurse 398I

Maternal-Newborn Nursing: Practicum

Nurse 326

Nursing Care of Children

Nurse 398F

Nursing Care of Children: Practicum

Nurse 327

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Nurse 398G

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing: Practicum

Nurse 420

Introduction to Nursing Research (Integrative Experience)

Nurse 432

Nursing Care of Adults: Acute

Nurse 433

Nursing Care of Adults: Chronic

Nurse 489

Clinical Practicum IIIA: Community-Based Care

Nurse 498C

Nursing Care of Adults: Practicum

Nurse 438

Professional Role in Nursing

Nurse 439

Community Health Nursing IV: Community

Nurse 498D

Clinical Practicum IVA: Community Intervention

Nurse 498E

Nursing Internship

Nurse 497E

ST-Decision Making Strategies for Professional Nursing