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Prof. Mary Ellen Burke rated in list of 100 Inspiring Nursing Professors

We are VERY proud to announce that one of our own College of Nursing faculty members, Professor Mary Ellen Burke, has been rated as #26 in a recent list of 100 Inspiring Nursing Professors to Watch in 2014!

In announcing this award to us, Meredith Neally, the editor, noted:

"We think notable experience and continued success as a nursing educator make Mary Ellen Burke-Clinical Assistant Professor an excellent role model for nursing students. Nursing can be an incredibly rewarding field, but it can also be highly competititve. Even the most driven nursing students need inspiring role models as a reminder of what they can achieve through continued learning and dedication in the nursing field. Additionally, we hope that highlighting the accomplishments of educators at some of the top schools in the country motivates our readers to learn more about them. We feel this honor speaks volumes about the quality of your university as a whole."

You can view the whole list at:

Thank you to Professor Burke and to all of our faculty for the fantastic work they do and for being such impressive role models for our students! And again, kudos to Prof. Burke for helping us to shine!