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Students Welcomed to Nursing Clinical Learning in Nightingale Ceremony

Feb 14, 2020

Sophomore Nursing Majors were officially welcomed to the clinical aspect of their education in a Nightingale Ceremony at Skinner Hall on February 12.

The Nightingale Ceremony, established by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, is also known as a White Coat Ceremony. In 2014, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) adopted this ceremony for nursing, and today more than 310 schools of nursing participate in Nightingale Ceremonies. The ceremony signifies the transition from classroom learning to clinical learning and serves as a formal welcome into the nursing profession. 

Dean Cynthia Jacelon and Associate Dean Emma Dundon presented welcome remarks.  Nursing Program Director MaryAnn Hogan congratulated the students, who wore UMass Amherst College of Nursing student uniforms for the first time as they begin their clinical coursework this semester. Professor Hogan pointed out that the ceremony provides the opportunity to remember the importance of the students' chosen profession and the unique contributions that nurses make. 

Sophomore Student Ambassador Emma Platt spoke about humanistic nursing, which focuses on being compassionate nurses who consistently work to remember that each person in their care is an individual. Senior Student Ambassadors Colleen Canavan and Danielle Brake then read a short history of the Nightingale Pledge and led the students in reciting the pledge, in which they committed to uphold the ethics of the nursing profession.

The ceremony concluded with pinning, book signing, and refreshments. 

See photos from the ceremony in the Photo Gallery

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