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Students Welcomed to the Nursing Profession in Nightingale Ceremonies

Sep 9, 2019

Students were formally welcomed into the nursing profession in Nightingale Ceremonies on September 5 (Accelerated students) and September 6 (Nursing majors). 

The Nightingale Ceremony, established by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, is also known as a White Coat Ceremony.  It signifies the transition from classroom learning to clinical learning and serves as a formal welcome into the nursing profession. Nursing majors entering their sophomore year and first-term accelerated BS students attended the ceremonies.  

Dr. Maeve Howett, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Nursing Education and Dr. Cynthia Jacelon, Dean of the College of Nursing presented welcome remarks. Student Ambassadors Yajaira Garcia and Babatunde Olatinwo (Accelerated BS) and Isabel Andrzewski and Julia Gittlen (Nursing Majors)  spoke about why the pledge is so important. 

Students then recited "Nightingale Pledge"  in which they committed to uphold the ethics of the nursing profession. The Nightingale Pledge was created at the Garrand Training School for Nurses in Detroit, Michigan in 1893. 

The ceremonies concluded with pinning, book signing, and refreshments. 

See photos from the ceremonies in the Photo Gallery



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