Human Trafficking Course Offered in Fall 2017, Taught by National Expert

Aug 1, 2017
Dr. Donna Sabella

The University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Nursing is excited to offer “Introduction to Human Trafficking”, 597T, as an online course in Fall 2017.


This course is taught by nationally-recognized human trafficking expert Dr. Donna Sabella and can be taken from anywhere. It will cover:




·         What human trafficking is and where it occurs.

·         How to identify victims and address common health concerns.

·         When to intervene – or not – on victims’ behalf.


Perspectives addressed include those of healthcare, criminal justice and law enforcement, social work, and public health professionals as well as traffickers’ and victims’ perspectives.


Enrollment is now open and the course begins on September 5, 2017. Any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Sabella:


You can read more about the course in this MassLive article!


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