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Requirements for Graduation

Master of Science - Clinical Nurse Leader - 37 Credits

The MS/CNL concentration requires completion of 37 semester credit hours of course work. Selected courses include practicum/project hours. The curriculum consists of: 27 didactic semester credit hours, 10 practicum credit hours (4:1 ratio; 56 contact hours per one credit hour = 560 contact hours). An individually tailored plan of study will be created by transcript review after admission but students are expected to complete either a two-year full-time plan of study or a three year part-time plan.

N630 - Research Methodology in Nursing (3)

N603 - Theoretical Components of Nursing Science (3)

PubHlth 630 - Principles of Epidemiology (3)

N735 - Informatics for Nursing Practice (3)

N690L - Leadership in Public Health Systems (3)

N614 - Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning (3)

N615 - Advanced Pathophysiology (3)

N619 - Advanced Pharmacology (3)

N701 - Healthcare Quality (3)

N698A - Practium: Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning (1)

N698N - Clinical Practicum: Clinical Nurse Leader (3)

N798N - Practicum: Clinical Nurse Leader (6)