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Nursing Stories

Sharing your Nursing Story is an important response to the pandemic and a way to recognize and honor the work of nurses during the World Health Organization's International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. We have asked UMass Amherst nurses to share brief stories about their nursing response, experience, and reflections, particularly during this time of COVID-19. These stories are important to our collective experience as they help us to preserve the history of the College of Nursing and to inform and inspire others. We invite you to share your own story here.  





Jordan "Jordi" Goss-Packard ABSN '18

Jordi Goss-Packard, Accelerated BS in Nursing '18, shares his COVID-19 story. 

Meg Dalton '16

Joanna Krawiecki '06

Emily Amico '00

Liz Cory DNP '20

Parash Pijar, DNP '24

Nicole Gauthier Croteau '97