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Giving Opportunities

For over 60 years, the College of Nursing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has been a leader in nursing education, research, and community service. Now more than ever, its leadership standing depends on private giving. Not surprisingly, alumni are among the most loyal supporters, with friends, foundations, and corporations also playing crucial roles.

In addition to providing a first-rate nursing education, the College of Nursing recognizes the urgent need to help expand the nursing profession to alleviate a growing shortage of nurses nationwide. This workforce challenge is already causing medical centers and community hospitals to postpone surgeries, close beds, and divert ambulances—steps that affect the safety and quality of care of all patients. An effective response calls for unparalleled investment in the education of skilled nursing professionals capable of mastering the complexities, greater responsibilities, and technological innovations within today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare systems.

To meet this challenge, the College of Nursing must build on its strengths by increasing student scholarships, fellowships, and grants; funding endowed chairs, faculty positions, and innovative research; and enhancing, through nursing informatics, cutting-edge technology, and model classrooms, the clinical skills of our students. Increased support will also enable the College to develop new models of patient-centered care, discover new knowledge within the field of nursing, and ultimately ensure the growing of a new generation of the best and brightest nursing students and faculty.

Gifts to the College of Nursing are tax deductible to the full extent of current and applicable law. Donors receive recognition from both the College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. For more information on the College and opportunities for support, please contact the Development Office, tel. (413) 545-5090.