Summer Transfer Schedule

Each Transfer Registration session is a full day. Below is a sample of the activities from Summer 2017. You'll receive a detailed orientation schedule when you arrive.


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Resource Fair

Pick up information on campus dining, health services, local banking, and much more!

Welcome Meeting and The Buzz About UMass

Meet the students and staff who are here to make your transition to UMass successful. Get the emotional and practical strategies to help you stay on course.

Small Group Meeting and Tour

Meet with current UMass students and prepare for your advising appointment. Then learn key landmarks to help you navigate campus and find out where some of the most useful offices are located.


College Meeting                                                                                                 

Learn important details about the academic experience at UMass and hear from the Dean of your college.

Advising and course registration

Meet with an academic advisor to review your academic plans and register for your fall classes.

Get Your UCard (student ID)

This card goes everywhere you go for your next few years as your hall key, meal ticket and debit card.

Check Out

Meet with an orientation leader to review your to dos and ask any final questions. 


Then, have a relaxing summer and get ready for the big adventure that awaits you in September during Fall NSO.