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Summer Freshmen Families

Freshman and Stockbridge Parents and Family Orientation

If your student is starting at UMass in the fall, you're encouraged to attend Parents and Family Orientation, a two-day program that runs concurrently with your student's summer orientation session.

Schedule of Events
Parents and Family Orientation Dates
Registration Details

  Schedule of Events 

Orientation sessions begin on Monday morning and end on Tuesday evening or start on Thursday morning and conclude on Friday evening. The program includes information sessions on a range of topics. Below is a sample of the sessions offered at our parents program in 2014.  Parents and Families attending the 2015 program will receive a detailed schedule when they sign-in.

Day One

  • Parent Check-in
  • Welcome
  • An Academic Perspective
  • Money Matters
  • Campus Health and Well-Being
  • Lunch
  • The UMass Amherst Residential Experience
  • Student Panel
  • Academic Support and Athletics OR Commonwealth Honors College
  • Dinner

Day Two

  • Breakfast
  • Technology @ UMass Amherst
  • College Drinking: What Every Parent Needs to Know
  • Safety and Security
  • Lunch
  • Campus Tours
  • Fall Transitions
  • Check-out 4:30-5:30 PM


  Parents and Family Orientation Dates:

June 4-5 June 25-26
June 8-9 June 29-30
June 11-12 July 6-7
June 15-16 July 9-10
June 22-23 July 13-14

  Registration Details

Registration opens in April. The cost of the two-day orientation is $100 per person. All participants, including any siblings who will join you, must be registered and pay the fee in order to attend the program. The $100 fee includes meals and program materials. Overnight accommodations are not included. Fees may be paid by credit card or check and are non-refundable.

Parents and families should arrange for their own overnight accommodations.  One option is  Hotel UMass.  You can contact the hotel directly at 1-877-822-2110 to make reservations or book online.  Space is limited so please book early. Additional lodging information is available through the Office of Parent Services.

For some families, attending one of our Parents and Family Orientations may create a financial hardship. A limited amount of funding is available to assist families if this fee does pose a difficulty. If you wish to apply for a fee waiver for up to two attendees, please email us at before you register for the program. If approved, you will still be responsible for your own overnight accommodations.  You should include your student’s name, ID#, and your name. Your student must have a FAFSA on file in order to be eligible for consideration.

Please note: Although a Kosher Meal Plan is offered to students during the academic year, kosher meals are not available at New Students Orientation or Parents and Family Orientation. Vegetarian options are available at every meal.


Check-in for details for the parent program will be available in April.