Summer Dates

Orientation sessions are two full days long starting at 8:30 am on Day One and ending at 5 pm on Day Two. Students are expected to stay for the duration of their two day orientation program. When selecting your date, please be mindful of your schedule commitments such as work, graduation, vacation, or other appointments and choose a session when you won’t have any conflicts.

2017 Summer Dates

June 5-6 (Full) June 22-23 (Full)
June 8-9 (Full) June 26-27 (Full)
June 12-13 (Full) July 6-7
June 15-16 * (Full) July 10-11
June 19-20 (Full)      July 13-14

*This session is also open to students in the 2 year Stockbridge School.

Two business days after Undergraduate Admissions posts your enrollment fee as received on SPIRE, you can choose your NSO date in our registration system. Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Click the Register Here button below to begin your registration.