New Student Checklist

Track Your Orientation & Transition Progress

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This checklist outlines the initial steps students admitted for Fall 2024 take during your transition to the UMass Amherst community. The checklist will be updated as more details are confirmed. 

Need help? We are here for you all along the way.

1. Commit to UMass & Get Ready

  • Pay your $500 enrollment deposit
  • Keep track of important dates using the New Student Experience Timeline
  • Log in to SPIRE and enter required emergency contact information before you can register for Ready for the U.
  • Set up and check your UMass email account regularly. This is the official mode of communication between UMass and you.
  • Opt In To UMass Amherst Alerts Sign up to receive UMass Amherst Alerts emergency text messages. Each time you log into SPIRE a reminder will appear until you either enroll or opt out. You can also enter a secondary email and cell phone number if a family member would like to receive alerts.
  • Upload your UCard (student ID) photo. Your student ID is used not just for your ID card, but also for course rosters in SPIRE and the UCard app. Students living on-campus need to have their UCard photo approved in time to move to campus. Students participating in On Campus Ready for the U need to use their UCard at Ready for the U. You will need your UCard to access your residence hall and meal plan. 
  • You can begin your Placement Assessments now. Students must complete their placement assessments by the deadline to be eligible to meet with an academic advisor.
    • First-year and Stockbridge Students complete exams by June 1, 2024: the math placement exam is required for all first-year students regardless of course history or test scores. The writing placement questionnaire is required unless you've already completed the college writing requirement. The foreign language placement exam is offered in French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Any student who plans to continue studying one of these languages at UMass Amherst should take the placement exam. 
    • MassTransfer Students complete exams by June 5, 2024 please consult your email for a message which is sent after your enrollment deposit is received and indicates if a placement exam is required.
    • Transfer Students complete exams by June 10, 2024 please consult your email for a message  which is sent after your enrollment deposit is received and indicates if a placement exam is required.
  • ​If you had any accommodations for a disability in high school, please register with Disability Services and meet with an access coordinator to prepare for student success.

2. Access Guide to the U and the Complete New Student Checklist

  • The Guide to the U is an interactive, online guide that introduces new students and family members to the university's values, resources, and departments. Students admitted for the spring semester, and their families, will be able to access Guide to the U by April 1, 2024.
    • Students must use the Student Login Page and authenticate into Guide to the U with their UMass Amherst IT account in order to have this requirement marked as complete. Access is available after your enrollment deposit is recorded as received in SPIRE. If you are having trouble logging in as a student, first make sure your UMass IT account is activated and you can log into SPIRE or email. Make sure you've set up two factor authentication. We recommend logging out of any personal Google accounts and using a private/incognito tab. If you can't log into SPIRE or email please contact for assistance with your UMass IT account. If you can log into those other services, then please contact for assistance accessing Guide to the U. Students who have an additional account, such as a staff account may need to have their account adjusted to access Guide to the U. Completions conducted on a Guest account are not recorded. 
    • Family members must use the Guest Login Page and create a Guest Account. 
  • Guide to the U must be complete by June 15, 2024. Students must complete the guide before they meet with an academic advisor for New Student Advising and Course Registration or attend Ready for the U. 
  • The Guide to the U contains a click-able checklist to help you stay on track with the rest of your new student to dos. 
  • Review the checklist and your UMass email frequently for future tasks including submitting your housing preference application; uploading your immunization records; paying your university bill; and more.

3.  Register with New Student Orientation & Transitions: Select Your Ready for the U Date. 

  • Registration for your Ready for the U opened May 6, 2024 for Fall 2024 students who paid their enrollment deposit. Students must be registered by June 15, 2024. We strongly encourage participation in the on campus version of the experience. However, we offer an online version for students who are unable to attend on-campus.
    • Ready for the U Begins: June 11, 2024
  • Parents and family members can also register as a guest for the Parent & Family programs once your student is registered and invites you.

4.  Check Your UMass Email & Make Your Online New Student Advising & Course Registration Appointment 

  • New Student Advising & Course Registration for Fall 2024 new students takes place online from June 10, 2024 - July 26, 2024. New students cannot register for Fall 2024 classes before June 10, 2024. 
  • After completing the Guide to the U, registering for Ready for the U, and taking your placement assessments students will receive an email in their UMass email account from their advisors.
  • Check your UMass email and make your appointment using your specific invitation link to Navigate. 
  • Please make sure you are scheduling a new student appointment as soon as possible. 
  • Do not schedule your advising appointment during your Ready for the U session. 

5. Save the Welcome to the U Dates

  • Welcome to the U takes place August 28th -September 3rd, 2024 as you arrive and settle in to campus. 

Do More...

Most of the tasks in this section are things you will do closer to when the semester starts. 

   Get Involved

Find out about getting involved in Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), Esport Leagues, Student Government Association (SGA), Residence Hall Governance, Student Media, Arts and Media Agencies, Student Businesses, and fraternities and sororities. Explore Campus Recreation.

   Find a Job

The Student Employment Office lists work study and non-work study jobs, on and off campus. Auxiliary Services also posts a number of student jobs. Complete these forms before you can be hired and paid by the university and consult the I-9 form for ID requirements. If you are planning to work for the university, be sure to bring orignal identification documents. Copies are not accepted. 

  Buy Your Books

Books by eCampus is the official course materials provider of UMass Amherst. Order course materials via SPIRE following these instructions. Explore free textbooks and educational materials through UMass Libraries’ Open Education Initiative.

  Get a Parking Permit

If you are bringing your car to campus, purchase your parking pass.

  Register to Vote

Submit your voter registration application.

  Shop the UMass Store

The UMass Store is your campus location for UMass clothing and gifts, art and school supplies, health and beauty products, and snacks. The UMass Store also repairs and sells Apple computers and accessories at an educational discount.

More details are coming soon!