Major(s): Linguistics; Communication Disorders

Class: 2015

Favorite thing about being a UMass Amherst Student:  I love being a Tour Guide!

Most interesting thing you’ve done or place you’ve been as part of your UMass experience: I was part of UUU my freshman year: the UMass Unicycler's Union.

Any words of advice for new students?:  UMass is 100% what you put into it. Join a couple of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that are out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself. College is a very unique time in your life when the world is basically your oyster. You will never have another opportunity to take part in so many different activities, so get involved!

Interests/Hobbies/Spare Time Activities:  From NYC, Photography, Performing Arts (Theater), Playing Guitar, Hammocking, Hiking in the Pioneer Valley