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UMass is a large and diverse community made up of students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The New Students Orientation Office wants to help all new students get the support they need to begin a successful undergraduate career at the University. After all, at UMass Amherst we are so much more than students!

  ​Out of State Students  

Welcome to Massachusetts! About 25% of our student population is from out of state and we have a lot of opportunities for you to become acquainted with UMass Amherst, your new home away from home!

When you register for orientation online you will have the option to see other students’ information from your home state. First you have to release your information to see that list.

At your session you will have the opportunity to attend an Out of State meeting run by a fellow out-of-stater and NSO leader. Meet other students from all over the US and the world while learning all about transportation, the community and the wicked awesome things that make Massachusetts a great place to be!

In the fall, we host an out of state meet up, where you can re-connect with fellow out of state students and meet new ones as well. Stay tuned for  more details to come!

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  International Students

Although we’re located in a small town, you will find our campus a very cosmopolitan and international place. Our students come from over 70 countries worldwide, so we think you will feel comfortable no matter how far you’ve traveled.

International Students are required to attend the International Student Orientation hosted by the International Programs Office before the start of the semester.

We encourage you to attend the New Students Orientation (NSO). This program will allow you to complete your course registration and will prepare you for the upcoming year. If you are entering in the fall, please attend a summer NSO date. If you are entering in the spring, you will attend a winter NSO session.

If you cannot attend a NSO session, because you will not be in the US, please let us know by completing the online NSO registration form.

Sign Up for Orientation

As an international student, registering for orientation is a two part process.
1. Click here to sign up for a Summer NSO session or to let us know you are unable to attend Summer NSO.
2. Click here to register for your required International Student Orientation session.

Helpful Link:  UMass Amherst English as a Second Language Program

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  Stockbridge Students

For students seeking a two-year associate’s degree from the Stockbridge School, we have designated a Summer NSO session to help you get aquatinted with your degree requirements and the Stockbridge School staff. This year, the date is June 26-27.

If you are entering in the fall, please attend the summer NSO Stockbridge date. If you are entering in the spring, you will attend a winter NSO session.

 While most of the time at orientation is spent taking care of the business of becoming a member of the UMass Amherst community, you will also spend time getting to know your new classmates and your new campus.

If you are an Equine major attending a summer NSO session, make sure to bring your riding gear for the riding test!

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  Veteran Students

Thank you for your service. We want to make your transition to UMass as smooth as possible, and that all begins at orientation. Make sure you contact Veteran Services before you arrive on campus for your first semester. Veteran Services will provide a packet of materials which you will receive when you check in. You will also have the opportunity to visit them at your orientation session.

Summer Freshmen NSO sessions are two days and one night. You have the option to stay overnight with a roommate (either randomly chosen or one of your own choosing), in a single room or off campus by your own arrangement. When you sign in, please let us know if you will be staying with us on campus or if you have made other arrangements.

You will have the opportunity to finalize your housing preference request at orientation if you are choosing to live on campus. There are many on and off campus housing options to suit your needs. For more information visit the Residential Life or Veteran Services websites.

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