Major(s): Microbiology/ Pre-Dental

Class: 2016

Favorite thing about being a UMass Amherst Student:  All the amazing people, opportunities, and places you come across!

Most  interesting thing you’ve done or place you’ve been as part of your UMass experience: I have been involved with the (University Programming Council) UPC since my freshman year and it is so cool to learn the ropes of concerts and entertainment in general, creating huge campus wide events like Spring Concert!

Any words of advice for new students?:  To have an open-mind! Be ready to experience anything and everything as well as keeping in check with your goals and aspirations! You are going to meet a large spectrum of people & experience a lot of challenges, & college is the best time to make mistakes and learn from them!

Interests/Hobbies/Spare Time Activities:  I love music, taking pictures, writing, art, anything, everything!