Major(s): Public Health

Class: 2015

Favorite thing about being a UMass Amherst Student:  My favorite thing about being a UMass Amherst student is having unlimited opportunities. Opportunities to get help with classes, meet new people with similar interests, and prepare for my future. I love having the opportunity to connect with professors and advisors, as well as other students. UMass is a great place to make connections that will last a lifetime!

Most interesting thing you’ve done or place you’ve been as part of your UMass experience: This past spring, I traveled to Bellabe, Haiti with one of my Public Health elective classes. This was an amazing experience! We were able to train women in the community in sexual and reproductive health, and we learned a lot about local plants used medicinally. We prepared these projects in class before we went, and now, we are reflecting and working to improve our projects for future years.

Any words of advice for new students?:  Be proactive! Join a club or sports team, go to your professor's office hours, and  ask for help when you need it. Don't be afraid to make yourself known! I wish I had been more proactive my freshman year at UMass.

Interests/Hobbies/Spare Time Activities:  Singing, hiking, community health education, coffee, facilitating discussions, working with children, animals, blogging, dancing, hanging with friends, and Netflix.