Major(s): Kinesiology

Class: 2016

Favorite thing about being a UMass Amherst Student:  My favorite thing about being a student at UMass Amherst is all the resources and activities on campus that are available for students.

Most interesting thing you’ve done or place you’ve been as part of your UMass experience: Performing a traditional Brazilian dance in front of a large crowd for the Asian American Student Association (AASA) at the Campus Center Auditorium while I was barefoot. And then I ran up to the Student Union Ballroom to perform two more dances for Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA).

Any words of advice for new students?:  Things will work out. At first I would get over anxious about things not going my way—a low grade, my class schedule—I  would let everything get to me and I just wish someone was there to tell me that everything would be alright.

Interests/Hobbies/Spare Time Activities:  In my spare time I like to listen to music and watch anime shows. When I am with friends, we love to discuss sports, politics and music. My main hobbies include Latin dancing and very recently I have been interested in photography.