Major(s): Microbiology

Class: 2017

Favorite thing about being a UMass Amherst Student:  There is so much to get involved in on campus!  You can be in any club, do any activity, see cool shows and explore town with friends that are always ready to do anything!

Most interesting thing you’ve done or place you’ve been as part of your UMass experience: Being a research director in my plant pathology/mycology lab is definitely the most interesting thing I've done at UMass.  I've been able to extract, replicate, and sequence DNA from fungi while working on some awesome research projects!

Any words of advice for new students?:  Bring some comfy clothes!   As nice as it is to dress up and look nice for class, make sure you can rock some sweats for the weekend!

Interests/Hobbies/Spare Time Activities:  Playing tennis, reading, hanging out with friends, seeing different shows on campus, and researching.