Welcome to UMass Amherst

Now comes the part when we really get to know each other. We’re the New Students Orientation (NSO) Staff, and it’s our job – and our passion – to ease the transition to UMass Amherst for both you and your family.

Our staff of professionals and current students are knowledgeable about and connected to the resources you’ll need as a new student. We’ll help you with orientation, introduce you to your school or college, share our campus values and expectations, and we’ll answer your questions along the way.

There are important steps all new students need to take before, during and after orientation, and it is important to start thinking ahead early! If you are admitted for the fall semester, you will be attending a summer NSO session. If you are entering UMass in the spring, sign up for a winter session. We are here to help so feel free to call or email us with any questions!


Check out  #40DaysofUMass for events, tips, updates, and resources throughout the first 40 days of your UMass experience.