Experts and Media Resources

UMass Amherst has a number of faculty experts who have agreed to be available to reporters as expert sources for stories.

A sampling of our experts by topic area

Massachusetts and national political races, Public opinion polling
Brian Schaffner

Schaffner is director of the UMass Poll, which is committed to studying public opinion in Massachusetts and the United States to inform policymaking in the Commonwealth and beyond.

Adolescent sexuality and comparative sexual culture
Amy Schalet

Amy Schalet (SHA-lit) is a specialist on adolescent sexuality and culture in comparative perspective.

The role of the media in the lives of children, adolescents, and adults; Parenting in an age of media
Erica Scharrer

Erica Scharrer studies media content, opinions of media, media effects and media literacy, particularly regarding gender and violence. 

Consumer behavior, Marketing to generational cohort segments, Implications of the aging of America
Charles Schewe

Schewe created the field of generational marketing with the publication of "The Power of Cohorts," his widely-acclaimed article in American Demographics.

biomedical materials, bioinspired materials, wound healing nanofibers, pharmaceutical nanoparticles, speakers bureau
Jessica Schiffman

Jessica Schiffman’s work is focused on synthesizing bioinspired materials for a range of biomedical, environmental and industrial applications. Schiffman’s research projects aim to develop wound healing nanofiber scaffolds, biomedical hydrogels, drug delivery nanoparticles, antifouling thin film coatings and high-flux fouling-resistant membranes. 

fruit production, wine grapes, berry production, speakers bureau
Sonia Schloemann

Sonia Schloemann is an expert on commercial and residential production of small fruit—berries and grapes—as well as the use of edible plants in sustainable landscaping practices. 

radio astronomy, new galaxies, speakers bureau
F. Peter Schloerb

F. Peter Schloerb’s research involves studying new galaxies near the edge of the visible universe. Heis the Director of the Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory and the Large Millimeter Telescope Office.

public sector information technology, environmental management and policy, speakers bureau
Charles M. Schweik

Charles M. Schweik’s work focuses on internet-based collective action and online commons-based peer production, including the study of open-source software communities and the socio-technical systems and governance structures that support these systems of co-production.

maternal and child health, breastfeeding, food security, community based research, prevention of childhood obesity, speakers bureau
Lindiwe (Lindi) Sibeko

Lindiwe Sibeko’s research interests are in working with under-served, vulnerable population groups, including families served by UMass Extension nutrition programs. Sibeko’s research addresses prenatal, perinatal and postnatal health, prevention of childhood obesity, promotion of optimal infant and young child feeding and elucidating the role of breastfeeding in healthy child development. Her global health research has also focused on maternal and child health issues, primarily in the area of nutritional status assessment, infant feeding practices and the role of breastfeeding in the prevention of pediatric HIV infections.

Standardized testing, Education policy
Stephen Sireci

Stephen Sireci’s research focuses on improving educational testing to better measure students’ knowledge and skills.