Experts and Media Resources

UMass Amherst has a number of faculty experts who have agreed to be available to reporters as expert sources for stories.

A sampling of our experts by topic area

Sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice, Holistic and culture-centered approaches to health promotion
Aline Gubrium

Aline Gubrium’s (uh-LYNN GOO-breeum) research focuses on addressing health inequities among marginalized women, youth and families using participatory digital and visual storytelling to research views on sexuality and reproductive health.

International relations, International political economy, International environmental politics, International institutions and global governance
Peter Haas

Peter Haas is an expert in global governance and the dynamics of international environmental cooperation.

planning for climate change, growth management planning, land use planning, speakers bureau
Elizabeth M. Hamin

Elisabeth M. Hamin’s research focuses on local governments and land use planning for climate change, and growth management policy and regionalism at the state, regional and local level.

climate change, glaciers, snow pack, speakers bureau
Douglas R. Hardy

Douglas R. Hardy’s research studies the impact that weather and climate have on glaciers and snow pack in the Arctic and at high altitudes. 

cultural anthropology, culture and the politics of social movements, medical anthropology, science and technology studies, race, ethnicity, and human rights, Eastern Europe (Hungary), Roma (Gypsy) diaspora, the European Union, speakers bureau
Krista Harper

Krista Harper’s research interests include ethnographic, qualitative and participatory action research methods; applied anthropology; the anthropology of Europe; and urban mobilizations around the environment, food justice and place-making.


geothermal bacteria and microorganisms, microorganisms in extreme conditions, physiology and genomics of thermophilic and hyperthermophilic archaea, geomicrobiology of the geothermal environments, speakers bureau
James F. Holden

James F. Holden’s research focuses on the physiology and genomics of thermophilic and hyperthermophilic archaea and the geomicrobiology of the geothermal environments where these organisms are found.

evolutionary biology, animal movement, organismal design, biological diversity, speakers bureau
Duncan J. Irschick

Duncan J. Irschick is an integrative biologist and innovator interested in the evolution and ecology of animal athletics and how biological form can inform synthetic design.  Along with polymer science professor Alfred Crosby, Irshick led the development of Geckskin, a super-sticky adhesive modeled after the feet of a gecko.

jumping spiders, spiders, spider visual perception, animal behavior, animal group living, speakers bureau
Elizabeth M. Jakob

Elizabeth M. Jakob is a behavioral ecologist whose research is focused on spiders, including the role of learning in spider behavior, the evolution of group living and the role of behavior in the establishment of invasive species. Her research has focused on perception and learning in jumping spiders and what sort of visual information is gathered by each of their eight eyes and integrated together in the spider’s tiny brain.

Social construction of race, gender and class, Sociology of the body, Emotional labor and service interactions, Immigrant women's work, Asian American communities, Relations between Korean Americans and African Americans, Ethnography
Miliann Kang

Miliann Kang's research shows how we stereotype Asian-American women as model minorities and potential threats, which can fuel racial hostility and unrealistic expectations.

mathematical physics; dynamical systems; mathematical biology, speakers bureau
Panos G. Kevrekidis

Panos G. Kevrekidis studies a variety of systems chiefly stemming from the mathematical physics of optical systems as well as from the soft-condensed matter setting of Bose-Einstein Condensates. Kevrekidis also maintains a wide variety of additional interests.