Experts and Media Resources

UMass Amherst has a number of faculty experts who have agreed to be available to reporters as expert sources for stories.

A sampling of our experts by topic area

Asthma and chronic illnesses, children’s health and the environment, valuing health impacts, hospital readmissions and medicare reimbursements, fishery management and over-fishing
Sylvia Brandt

Sylvia Brandt’s research focuses on two different areas where traditional economic theories have failed to solve difficult problems in the allocation of public goods: chronic illness and fisheries management. Speakers bureau.

Climate evolution of the arctic; Sea level history
Julie Brigham-Grette

Julie Brigham-Grette is an expert in the evolution of the climate and sea level in the Arctic region from the Mid-Pliocene (4 million years ago) through the present.

UV, optical, and infrared astronomy; star formation and stellar feedback in galaxies; the relation between star formation and gas/dust components in galaxies; dust absorption and emission, star formation in galaxies, speakers bureau
Daniela Calzetti

Daniela Calzetti studies how galaxies are formed and is known worldwide for “Calzetti’s Law,” a tool she developed in the mid-1990s that allows astronomers to estimate how much information they are missing due to dust that is obscuring probes of very distant galaxies. 

nutrition, community health, diabetes, food safety, obesity prevention, diet and health, speakers bureau
Elena T. Carbone

Elena T. Carbone works in community settings to examine how low income, culturally diverse adults and children with limited literacy skills process health information about obesity prevention, diabetes management, cancer control and food safety. 

food policy, food safety, nutrition, food labeling, speakers bureau
Julie A. Caswell

Julie A. Caswell is an expert in food policy, food safety and nutrition. She has focused on the benefits of food labeling, the impacts of sanitary and phytosanitary regulations on international trade and risk-based food-safety regulation.

Diabetes and exercise during pregnancy, Health disparities, Hispanic pregnant women
Lisa Chasan-Taber

Lisa Chasan-Taber (CHAY-son TAY-burr) is a reproductive epidemiologist and an internationally recognized expert on physical activity during pregnancy. She has spent the past 15 years actively leading national research teams in the conduct of lifestyle interventions among high-risk, ethnically diverse pregnant women.

protein degradation and unfolding; protein quality control, speakers bureau
Peter Chien

Peter Chien studies the fundamental processes of how protein degradation (proteolysis) works to carry out life processes such as growing and dividing. His research takes an integrated approach to the topic, using biochemical, structural, genetic and proteomic tools to address mechanistic and cellular questions, particularly how regulated protein degradation is used in bacteria.

nutrition policy, food policy, community nutrition, nutrition education, food safety education, nutrition and aging, speakers bureau
Nancy L. Cohen

Nancy L. Cohen is an expert in food and nutrition policy. Her research focuses on nutrition and food safety education, community nutrition and distance learning. 

The U.S. Supreme Court, Democratic nature of the judiciary, Judicial decision-making, Interest group litigation, Civil rights and liberties
Paul M. Collins Jr.

Paul Collins investigates the factors that shape the selection and decision-making process of U.S. Supreme Court justices and interest group litigation.

food security, adolescent nutrition, undernutrition, refugees, immigrants, speakers bureau
Lorraine Cordeiro

Lorraine Cordeiro’s research focuses on household food security and adolescent nutritional health. She has investigated the associations between food security, food practices and health risks among Cambodian women in Massachusetts. Cordeiro has conducted research in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania and the U.S.