Elizabeth (Betsy) Krause

Professor of anthropology

Italian cultural politics, critical population studies

Phone: (o) 413/577-1205

Email: ekrause@anthro.umass.edu

Krause studies the interplay among nationalism, gender, class, race and ethnicity in the context of population politics in Italy, where women in the 1990s reached record-low fertility rates and where reproductive practices have provoked urgent political debate. Some of her recent work has centered on the discrimination and exploitative labor conditions faced by Chinese migrant workers in the garment factories of Prato, Italy.

She has also partnered with Aline Gubrium, public health, in creating the program “Hear Our Stories: Diasporic Youth for Sexual Rights and Justice,” which uses digital storytelling to examine sexual and reproductive health disparities among young Latina parents in Holyoke, Mass. The project aims to reframe public conversations on young motherhood and sexuality, health, and reproductive rights across generations by building sexuality research, while also working with young parenting Latinas to develop their capacity as advocate-leaders.