Louis Graham

Assistant professor of community health education

Health inequities, Community-based participatory research, Psychosocial health, LGBT health, Cultural studies

Phone: (o) 413/545-7332

Email: lfgraham@schoolph.umass.edu

Louis Graham, an expert on LGBT discrimination, health and rights, uses community-based participatory approaches to study how social systems and situations impact depression and violence among ethnic and sexual minorities.

Graham was the co-director of Detroit Youth Passages, a $1.3 million Ford Foundation funded project on structural factors affecting the lives of LGBT young people. He is the author of two chapters on sexual rights among marginalized populations and the psychosocial health of sexually marginalized communities, as well as the author of over a dozen articles on LGBT health and discrimination including a seminal article published in the Journal of Sexuality Research and Social Policy titled, “Navigating Community Institutions: Black Transgender Women’s Experiences in Schools, the Criminal Justice System, and Churches.”