Andy J. Danylchuck

Associate professor of fish conservation, environmental conservation

aquaculture, coastal fisheries, impact of climate change on fish and aquatic ecosystems recreational fisheries, speakers bureau

Phone: (413) 545-2940


Andy J. Danylchuk’s research aims to understand the natural and anthropogenic factors that influence the life history, ecology and population dynamics of marine and freshwater fishes and other aquatic organisms. His work investigates stress physiology, behavioral ecology, spatial ecology, predator-prey interactions and adaptations in life history traits as a response to disturbance.

Danylchuk’s research also examines the impact of recreational angling on fish populations. He works with stakeholder groups to develop best practices for the recreational angling community, sustainable aquaculture and the development of integrated food production models as a mechanism to reduce impacts on fish stocks and local, regional and global ecosystems. His research utilizes emerging technologies to understand the ways fish function under ‘normal’ and disturbed conditions.

Danylchuk is the star of several Fish Navy films on the subject, including Fish Meat, Raising Shrimp and What We Fish For.