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Water Resources Research Center (retired)
Godfrey, Paul J.

Environment: acid rain, water pollution.

Alpert, Peter

Conservation science, including conservation and development projects in sub-Saharan Africa. How weeds, or non-native plants, threaten the survival of native plants, and what can be done about it.

Faulkingham, Ralph

Sub-Saharan Africa, especially Niger; West Africa: culture and society, agriculture, droughts; political economy of colonialism and develeopment; editor of African Studies Review.

Natural Resources Conservation
Griffin, Curtice R.

Forestry/wildlife: Wetland wildlife ecology and management; biodiversity conservation; endangered species. African animals, especially large mammals.

Hardy, Doug

Climate and weather: High-elevation climate; paleoclimatology; mountain glaciers. Interactions between land, atmosphere and ice- and snow-covered surfaces in Canadian high Arctic; paleoclimatic research on Arctic lake sediments. Disintegration of glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. Global warming.

Mangaliso, Mzamo

Management of South African companies; corporate strategies, administrative and management theory. Originally from South Africa; formerly a production manager for Unilever in South Africa. Election process in South Africa

Ndikumana, Leonce

External debt and capital flight in sub-Saharan Africa; economics and politics of conflicts and post-war reconstruction in Central Africa (Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo); globalization.

Afro-American Studies
Wolff, Robert Paul

Directs university scholarship program for South African students.

Friedman, Gerald

Labor economics; labor unions (U.S., Europe, especially France); economic history (U.S., Europe/France); labor history (U.S., Europe/France); economics of slavery and African-American life.

Student Development and Pupil Personnel Services
Love, Barbara

Multicultural organizational development; race; issues of oppression; participation of women, African-Americans and all people of color in organizations; management.