Experts and Media Resources

UMass Amherst has a number of faculty experts who have agreed to be available to reporters as expert sources for stories.

A sampling of our experts by topic area

anthropology, indigenous communities, Native Americans, speakers bureau
Sonya Atalay

Sonya Atalay is an anthropologist primarily focused on the overlap between archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, heritage studies and Native American and indigenous studies.


apples, tree fruit, pomology, rootstock, peaches, pruning, speakers bureau
Wesley Autio

Wesley Autio is a pomologist—an expert on the growing of apples. His research focuses on apple and peach rootstocks, controlling the growth of apple trees with mechanical and hormonal approaches and chemical thinning of peaches.


Economics of sexual orientation and same-sex marriage, Labor economics, Employment discrimination
Lee Badgett

M. V. Lee Badgett is one of the world’s leading experts on the economics of same-sex marriage, and is interviewed frequently in media coverage of gay marriage efforts both domestically and internationally.

Industrial engineering; Wind Energy; Energy, the environment & economic decision-making
Erin Baker

Erin Baker is a professor in the department of mechanical and industrial engineering and director of the Wind Energy Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT). 


microbiome research, microbe environments, microbe metabolism, gut microbiomes, forest soil microbiomes, speakers bureau
Jeffrey Blanchard

Jeffrey Blanchard’s research focuses on the ecology and evolution of gut and forest soil microbiomes using genomic and computational methods. His laboratory is set up for standard molecular biology and microbial physiology research and contains specialized equipment for isolating and culturing anaerobic bacteria.

Hormones and behavior, Neuroendocrinology and behavior, Ovarian hormone action in the brain, Effects of antiestrogens on brain and mental health, Antihormone treatment for breast cancer
Jeffrey Blaustein

Jeffrey Blaustein studies the ways that hormones, and particularly the ovarian hormones estradiol and progesterone, act in the brain to modify brain function and behavior, and how the environment can influences these processes.

Hydrogeology, watershed hydrology, geomechanics, speakers bureau
David F. Boutt

David F. Boutt’s research interests include: interactions between physical, chemical, and human processes in near-surface hydrologic environments; coupling between fluid flow and deformation in geologic materials; linkages between micromechanical properties of porous and fractured media and macro-scale properties; and modeling of coupled processes in geologic materials.

invasion ecology, invasive species, climate change, speakers bureau
Bethany Bradley

Bethany Bradley studies how terrestrial ecosystems respond to  anthropogenically driven changes, particularly interactions between invasive species, land use and climate change. 

Climatology, Paleoclimatology, Global change, Arctic environments
Raymond Bradley

Co-author of the famous report on global warming that popularized the “hockey stick” temperature graph, Bradley found himself the target of climate change deniers and conspiracy theorists during the “Climategate controversy” of 2009..

Corporate bankruptcy, Mergers and acquisitions, Investments, Bank Management
Ben Branch

Branch has a background in corporate finance, financial institutions, futures markets, bankruptcies, strategic planning, and industrial organization.