2018 UMass Extension Garden Calendar Available

UMass Garden Calendar

The 2018 edition of the popular UMass Garden Calendar, featuring “Insects to Look for in Massachusetts,” is available for purchase online or on campus.

Along with a short segment on beneficial pollinators, the calendar includes key information on and photos of invasive insects of note.

The cost is $12 online at umassgardencalendar.org or in person at 104 French Hall (call ahead at 413/545-0895 or email to makes sure someone will be there).

Shipping of nine or fewer calendars is free before Nov. 1. Calendars can also be purchased on campus at bulk rates for 10 or more. In addition to online ordering, the website includes images from this year’s calendar, the chart for bulk discounts, and a printable order form. Orders cannot be taken by phone.

Non-native insects have been introduced into the U.S. for many years, often accidentally by means of “hitching a ride” in firewood or wood-packaging materials, or transported by natural pathways such as wind and ocean currents. Not all non-natives are able to establish in a new location, but if adequate food resources are present and establishment is successful, some become invasive. The factors involved are many and varied, and can be difficult to predict.

The 2018 UMass Garden Calendar features details about: Asian longhorned beetle, winter moth, emerald ash borer and gypsy moth.

And as always, each month features:

  • An inspiring garden image.
  • Daily gardening tips for Northeast growing conditions.
  • Daily sunrise and sunset times.
  • Phases of the moon.
  • Plenty of room for notes.
  • Low gloss paper for easy writing.