Multicolor Mile Makes a Splash at CASE ASAP

Multicolor Mile
Multicolor Mile

Thanks to the success of the first Multicolor Mile, the Student Alumni Association (SAA) received the 2017 Outstanding Student Advancement Program Award at the CASE ASAP Network Convention in Columbus, Ohio, on Aug. 5.

The SAA was recognized for its efforts to teach event attendees about the importance of student philanthropy.

The 2017 Multicolor Mile is scheduled for Oct. 1.

“Receiving national recognition helps reinforce that our work truly makes an impact,” says Lindsay Kazin, SAA advisor and Alumni Association assistant director for student and constituent programs. “SAA appreciates being recognized for our efforts to educate students about the importance of beginning their UMass legacy through philanthropy.”

SAA planned the event for months, signing on sponsors such as T-Mobile, Walmart, Kohl’s and a number of university and local organizations. More than 500 students and families (and even a few dogs) ran for one mile around campus and were splashed with colorful paint along the way.

What made the Multicolor Mile stand out for CASE ASAP was SAA’s creative idea to host a giving booth at the event that allowed participants to vote on how their $8-$10 registration fee would be used to help UMass Amherst. Participants could choose among student affairs and campus life, scholarships, academics, buildings and grounds, and athletics.

In the spirit of the run, participants were also given a colorful ball to cast their vote in a bucket allocated to each of the donation categories. By doing so, participants could easily visualize what their money could support.

CASE ASAP (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education Affiliated Students Advancement Programs) awards honor, celebrate and recognize exceptional organizations and leaders in student educational advancement throughout North America. Over the past 11 years, SAA has won more than 15 awards from the organization, including Outstanding Student Leader, Outstanding Advisor and Outstanding Organization for its district.