Hills House Demolition to Begin

Hills House
Hills House

The demolition of Hills House on Thatcher Road near the North Pleasant Street intersection will begin on Monday, Sept. 25.

The now-empty four-story administrative building was built in 1960 as a dormitory and most recently provided office space for the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, landscape architecture and regional planning and the College of Education.

The first phase of the project involves the remediation and abatement of any hazardous material in the building. This will be done according to state and federal environmental, health and safety regulations with a priority placed on containment of any potentially hazardous material. Abatement work is expected to last through most of October, with dismantling of the entire structure to follow.

Intermittent noise from the use of heavy equipment, including construction vehicle traffic, should be expected in the area.

The demolition project, including minimal landscape restoration, is scheduled for completion by the end of December. A protective fence line may remain in place until weather conditions permit conclusive restoration and alternative use of the area. 

Comments and questions about this project should be directed to the Design and Construction Management project executive, Jason Venditti, at venditti@facil.umass.edu or 413/326-1661.