Women, 50-70, Wanted for Study of Eye Tracking Technology

The College of Nursing is seeking women age 50-70 to participate in a study involving a new type of wearable eye tracking technology.

The purpose of the study is to help develop a new way of monitoring and managing fatigue following breast cancer therapy.

You do not need to have a history of breast cancer to participate; both breast cancer survivors and persons without a history of breast cancer may be eligible.

Participants will complete a one-time, up to 2-hour study visit to campus and receive up to $100 for their time. Free parking will be provided in a lot next to the study location. Study visits will be scheduled through August.

For more about the study and specific eligibility requirements, visit www.tech4symptoms.org

If interested in participating, email thrive@umass.edu or leave a message on our secure voicemail at 413/545-5043, and a member of the study team will be in touch to help determine your eligibility.