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Video: CASA Researchers Track Drones with Weather Radar

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Jeff Podos
UMass Amherst Biologist Receives Fulbright Award to Study Birdsong in the Amazon
Undergraduate Arthur Kurlej welding the grid electrode onto its support ring inside the radon-suppressed clean room in the underground laboratory at Gran Sasso, Italy. Kurlej's advisor, physics professor Andrea Pocar, says undergraduates were notably helpful in designing and making this component of the dark matter detector there, known as DarkSide-50.
UMass Amherst Physicists Contribute to Dark Matter Detector Success
Fulbright Top Producer of US Scholars
UMass Amherst Named a Top Producing Institution for Fulbright Scholars
Maria Santore
UMass Amherst Polymer Scientist Maria Santore to Discuss Synthetic Systems that Mimic the Behavior of Biological Cells
Arctic River
UMass Amherst Scientist Colin J. Gleason Receives Five-Year, $530,000 NSF CAREER Grant to Study Arctic Hydrology Cycle

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