Workshop on Effective College Teaching Scheduled for March 24-25

The colleges of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development invite faculty members from appropriate STEM disciplines to a workshop that will provide practical tools and strategies to make science and engineering classes more effective. The event takes place all day on Monday, March 24 and in the morning of March 25 in the Campus Center Auditorium.

Education researchers Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent will run the workshop onEffective College Teaching in STEM Disciplines. Felder is the Hoechst Celanese Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. Brent is the president of Education Designs Inc. of Cary, N.C. They have presented more than 600 effective teaching workshops on campuses throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Workshop topics to be addressed include:

·      How do students learn, how do teachers teach, and what goes wrong in the process?

·      How do I plan a course, and what can I do to get my class off to a good start?

·      What do I need to be an effective lecturer?

·      How can I get students actively involved in learning, even if classes are large?

·      How can I assess learning and skill development?

·      How can I design tests that are both rigorous and fair?

·      How can new faculty members become fully effective teachers and researchers in the shortest possible time?

·      What are common student problems and problem students? How can I deal with them?

There is no fee for participants, but registration is required by contactingDavid Ford, associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Engineering at or 413/577-1360.