Volunteers Sought for Study of BPA and Breast Cancer Risk

Katherine Reeves’ laboratory in the epidemiology department is recruiting volunteers for a pilot study to understand if bisphenol-A (BPA) causes hormonal changes that may affect breast cancer risk.

The lab is looking for women who meet the following criteria: postmenopausal, no history of cancer (except for non-melanoma skin cancer), not taking hormone therapy such as estrogen or progestin, no liver or kidney disease, and no medical need for a specific diet.

The five-day study will take place at lunchtime during one week. Participants will be served either canned or boxed soup each day, and a blood and urine sample will be provided 30-60 minutes after eating. Participants will receive a $75 gift card to a local grocery store.

If interested, contact the lab at kwreeves@schoolph.umass.edu or 577-4298.