Volunteers Sought for Study on Aging and Mobility

The Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory (http://people.umass.edu/mobl/) in the kinesiology department is recruiting volunteers for a study about the effects of age and exercise on walking and muscle function.

The researchers hope to learn about how changes in muscle function with age are related to the onset of disability.

The lab is looking for individuals who meet the following criteria: ages 21-35 or 55-70 with healthy body weight, no history of reconstructive surgery of the legs, no major health issues (heart disease, diabetes, neurological disease), and able to walk for 30 minutes.

The study consists of two visits to the lab: a one-hour visit to complete questionnaires and receive an activity tracker, and a three-hour data collection visit. During the data collection visit, researchers will measure how participants’ joints move as they walk over the ground and on a treadmill. The study will also collect data on the strength of the muscles in participants’ thighs. All procedures are non-invasive. Participants receive a $25 gift card upon completion of the study.

If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact Jocelyn at boyerbiomech@kin.umass.edu or 413/545-4421.